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Pauls Perky Produce started out as a therapeutic pastime that served as a cure for Pauls nasty divorce: “I nearly lost my life because of that alienation, but I brought myself back from the brink because of my love for my children, my birth family and my new family and friends. I also decided to give a substantial % of all sales to Prevent Parental Alienation”.

Pauls Perky Produce started is donating 10% of our profits to not-for-profit organizations globally focused on reducing and eliminating Parental Alienation.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is defined as a set of behaviors that are harmful and damaging to a child’s emotional and mental health. It generally involves the mental manipulation and/or bullying of the child to pick between their mother or father. These behaviors can also result in destroying a loving and warm relationship they once shared with a parent.Parental alienation and hostile aggressive parenting deprive children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents and extended family. Parental Alienation can occur in intact families, but is mostly seen in separated and divorced families.Parents/guardians using alienation tactics to hurt the other ‘target’ parent have been compared to cult leaders. They deny access to anything that may challenge their view of the other parent, including any photographs, or communication.Professionals agree that the problem exists and it’s damaging to children, and can affect them into adulthood.

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How Can I Help?

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Do anything, no matter how small, to make a difference. If every one of us touched one life…the WORLD would CHANGE.” – Martin Luther King.